Light And Dark Ks1 Homework Helper

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Science topics ages 5 - 6
Light and dark

Curriculum relevance | Online lesson plan
Offline lesson plan | Worksheet | Activity

Online lesson plan


Identify and name some different sources of light

Know that some sources of light are natural and some are man-made

Understand that light sources vary in brightness

National Curriculum

England: Key Stage 1, Science, Sc4 3a

Wales: Key Stage 1, Physical processes, 3.1

Northern Ireland: Key Stage 1, Physical processes, Light a, b

Scotland: 5-14 Guidelines, Science, Properties and uses of energy, Level A, B

Resources required

Online activity from Science Clips website: Light and dark

A torch with a strong light

Paint, paper and crayons

Kidpix program on computer

A copy of “The owl who was afraid of the dark”

Teaching activities

Show the torch to the class. When might we need to use one of these? Why? Look around the classroom. What other things give us light? Make a list of suggested items on whiteboard or invite children to record their ideas as drawings on the whiteboard. Why is it important to be careful with candles?

Classwork using interactive whiteboard
Select Light and dark from the Science Clips website. Explain that the light sources will illuminate different objects in the room. What does illuminate mean?

Ask a child to select one of the light sources to illuminate one of the objects in the room. What type of light does it give? Is it bright or dull?

Choose a second light source, illuminate the same object and compare the difference. Why is there a difference? Encourage use of related vocabulary such as brighter/dimmer, lighter/darker, and lightest/darkest.

Repeat with the other light sources and objects, involving as many children as possible. Each time ask the pupils to predict what they think will happen.

Group work using a computer for each group
Work through the first screen together. Allow the children to complete the activity. If working in pairs, encourage collaborative discussion and support.

Recap on light sources adding any other ones to the original list on whiteboard e.g. football floodlights, streetlights. Leave list up and encourage children to add to it throughout the day, recording their ideas as drawings or words.


Read “The owl who was afraid of the dark” as a class story. Find out about nocturnal creatures. Create some day or night pictures using Kidpix on the computer.

Suggested homework

Ask the children to collect pictures of light sources and to bring them into school. Use the pictures to create a class collage.

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