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1 Chapter FOUR: Mastering Self-Management
COUN 2: College Success Strategies4/16/2017Chapter FOUR: Mastering Self-ManagementQuiz,Professor Michael Ngo

2 COUN 2: College Success Strategies
4/16/2017HomeworkNote: No late assignments will be accepted.Professor Michael Ngo

3 COUN 2: College Success Strategies
4/16/2017Quiz TimeProfessor Michael Ngo

4 COUN 2: College Success Strategies
4/16/2017Ice BreakerProfessor Michael Ngo

5 Mastering Self-Management
COUN 2: College Success Strategies4/16/2017Mastering Self-ManagementProfessor Michael Ngo

6 COUN 2: College Success Strategies
4/16/2017Acting on PurposeQuadrant II Time Management SystemPrioritize importance and urgencyCreators“Do important actions first, before they become urgent”Quadrant II Time Management SystemUrgentNot UrgentImportantIIINot ImportantIIIIVProfessor Michael Ngo

7 Quadrant II Time Management System
COUN 2: College Success Strategies4/16/2017Quadrant II Time Management SystemUrgentNot UrgentImportantQuadrant 1Quadrant 2Not ImportantQuadrant 3Quadrant 4Letting friends talk you into driving them to a late-night pizza party when you are 90 pages behind in biologyCreating a detailed study plan for the two weeks before final examsSpending three hours on Facebook when you have a major math test in two daysStarting research for a 10-page history term paper the night before it is dueProfessor Michael Ngo

8 Quadrant II Time Management System
COUN 2: College Success Strategies4/16/2017Quadrant II Time Management SystemUrgentNot UrgentImportantQuadrant 1Quadrant 2Not ImportantQuadrant 3Quadrant 4Spending three hours taking a friend to the mall so she can buy a new BlackberryStudying every night so you'll always be ready for quizzesStaying up till three a.m. playing video gamesStaying up all night to cram for a test the next dayProfessor Michael Ngo

9 Monthly Calendar (page 113)
COUN 2: College Success Strategies4/16/2017Monthly Calendar (page 113)Provides a list of important actions that can be done only one particular timeDentist appointmentTestField tripCounselor appointmentUsing technologyPDA, Smart Phones, Online CalendarsProfessor Michael Ngo

10 Next Actions List (page 114)
COUN 2: College Success Strategies4/16/2017Next Actions List (page 114)Provides a list of important actions that need to be done as soon as possibleRequiresLife Role: COUN 2 StudentGoal: Grade AList of “actions” that is requiredAttend class on time (Tue. & Thur.)Read Chapter 5 by MondayDo journal 12, 13 and 18 by MondayStudy 2 hours for midterm for next ThursdaySchedule appointment with counselor for Educational Plan by FridayProfessor Michael Ngo

11 COUN 2: College Success Strategies
4/16/2017Tracking Form (page 115)Provides a list of important actions that need to be done numerous times to achieve a goalRequiresRole: COUN 2 StudentDream: Grade ALong Term Goal: History TeacherShort Term Goal:Student Services PresentationEducational PlanPersonal Philosophy of Success EssayRead textbook (dates)Say Affirmation (dates)Professor Michael Ngo

12 COUN 2: College Success Strategies
4/16/2017Time ManagementFull time Vs. Part time StudentWhat is a unit?How many unit(s) do you need?School load Vs. Work load?Probation?What is Academic & Progress Probation?Professor Michael Ngo

13 Academic & Progress Probation
COUN 2: College Success Strategies4/16/2017Academic & Progress ProbationAcademic Probation:Attempted 12 unitsCumulated below a 2.0 GPAProgress Probation:Cumulated more than 50% of all units which the student have earned “W”, “I” and “NP”.Probation 1: occurs at the end of the first semesterProbation 2: occurs at the end of the second consecutive semesterProbation 3: occurs after the third consecutive semesterDismissalProfessor Michael Ngo

14 Recommended Study Time
COUN 2: College Success Strategies4/16/2017Recommended Study TimeSimple Rule:For every one hour of classroom time, allow two hours for homework, study time, projects and other assignment pertaining to class3 unit course (regular term)3 hours of class time/wk+ 6 hours of homework/wk= 9 hours total/wkFull time student = 12 units or 36 total hoursIf you work:Take no more than:40 hrs/wk6 units30 hrs/wk9 units20 hrs/wk12 units5-15 hrs/wk14-16 unitsProfessor Michael Ngo

15 COUN 2: College Success Strategies
4/16/2017HomeworkJournal 12 – page 106Journal 13 – page 112Journal 15 – page 127Read Wise Choices in CollegeOrganizing Study Materials – page 130Journals for 5th edition only:11, 12, 14Professor Michael Ngo

16 COUN 2: College Success Strategies
4/16/2017Study GuideQuadrant II Time Management SystemSelf-Management ToolsNext Action ListTracking FormMonthly CalendarProfessor Michael Ngo

Mastering Self Management

By Gayle Lantz

WorkMatters Tips Issue #13 – January 30,2007
Publisher: Gayle Lantz
WorkMatters, Inc.
A quick tip to help leaders and executives who need to motivate
their teams and themselves, and catapult their business.

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Mastering Self Management

One of the most common challenges executives face is self management — the ability to prioritize and complete tasks to achieve a specific outcome within a particular time frame. This is what you want from those you manage, right? But it can be just as challenging to do yourself.

If you feel energized about your work and you have plenty of time and energy to enjoy your personal life, you’re probably good at self management. On the other hand, if you feel overwhelmed,
incapable of meeting deadlines/commitments, or if you’re losing too much sleep, you may need to practice some self management skills.

Here’s how:

    * Prioritize your tasks.
    That means coming up for air to take a look at the bigger picture — the vision for your business (and your life).
    Then, do the most critical tasks first each day.

    * Minimize disruptions.
    Learn how to say "no," or how to help others understand and respect the ways in which you work best.
    Interruptions are inevitable, but you can choose to handle them differently.

    * Communicate clearly and succinctly.
    The more clearly you communicate, the less confusion you create, the less other people need to clarify. You can operate more efficiently.

    * Make realistic promises.
    Can you really follow through on all you say you’ll do?
    Be prepared to let go of some commitments that aren’t as important.

Self management is a constant leadership challenge. You have more control over yourself than you think. Don’t beat yourself up if you find yourself off task. Once you realize it, adjust quickly to get yourself back on track…without losing sleep!

PS For more comments and ideas on self management, read my latest blog post at:

Sometimes I lie awake at night, and ask,"Where have I gone wrong?" Then a voice says to me,"This is going to take one more night."
Charles M. Schulz
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