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As Finkelman (2006) stated, “Mentoring, and important career development to that can be used by nurses any type of set or specialty, can be used to develop the critical leadership skills needed by nurses. All successful leaders have had mentors are our mentors” (Finkelman,2006, p. 390).

Currently my facility has a six to months mentoring program for new graduates. This program is in addition to the current preceptor program that orients the new graduates to the unit they will be assigned. Most of these new nurses are graduates from local nursing schools and have done most of their clinical nursing education at this facility. The hospital realizes that going from a classroom and clinical setting to on hands bedside patient care can be a…show more content…

46). The registered nurse mentor will acts as teachers by sharing knowledge and expertise, counselors by providing psychological support. May act as interveners by providing access to resources and protection, and sponsors by promoting the prestige as he or she facilitates self- reliance. This will provide the mentor with self-assurance, job approval, promotions, managerial skills, and problem-solving skills (Gordon, 2000)

The hospital has a list of registered nurses trained and accepted as mentors on the unit that the new grad will be assigned. These nurses are trained as preceptors. Often the new grad will select her preceptor as her mentor.
The new grad can also request a new mentor after three months if she believes such a change is necessary to enhance her training. The mentor has the same option if approved by the nurse leader. The new nurse has the choice of how much she wants to interact with the mentor. This means that a mentee determines the capacity of the mentoring relationship and decides upon the amount of dependence and guidance he or she needs. The responsibility to seek acceptance and advice lies in the new grad. Conclusion
The mentoring program for new grads at this facility has been very successful. The facility has found that the mentoring program builds confidence in the new grads and respect for the mentor. It makes the new grads believe they are wanted and helps them adapt to the

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The Nursing and Midwifery council (NMC) standards of proficiency for pre-registration nursing education (2010) sets out exactly what student nurses must achieve to enable registration onto the first part of the register. Another NMC publication; Standards to support learning and assessment in practice (2006) lays out what a post registration nurse requires to fulfil in order to formally assess student nurses. These two sets of standards make it clear what is expected of both students and mentors when learning in the clinical environment. This makes the process of mentoring sound simple, however, the reality of working on a busy ward coupled with staffing shortages and low morale makes this a complex and challenging task (Ref). As a…show more content…

The initial ‘interview’, however, descended into a chat more than an interview. Although I got all the information across that was required, I believe if the interview was structured in a more professional manner, then it would have set the tone for my expectations of the learner (Gill and Burnard 2008). Instead I may have portrayed too much of a ‘mate’ type approach in fear that the relationship would suffer irreparable damage due to a bad first meeting. Clutterbuck (2004) suggests that the first two meetings between people are key if the relationship is to develop ‘depth of trust and mutual confidence’ in one another. On reflection I think the benefits of my approach to the initial meeting were that the student felt more at ease with me, however, by coming across almost facetious initially this could have had implications further down the line had the situation arose were I needed to discipline the student. I believe this situation occurred due to my own personality and nature taking control of the interview instead of my professional character. Now that I know how important introductions are with students and mentors I will plan more in advance and prepare myself to behave in such a way that promotes both a professional and personal

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