Nelson Mandela Essay Titles In Mla

Nelson Mandela

1918 is the year when Nelson Mandela was born. as Rolihlahla Mandela to a Xhosa tribesman and later died on 5th December 2013. A white teacher gave him the English name nelson. He became the president of South Africa in 1994 where he served until 1999 whereby he was the first black to be elected in a fully democratic election. Nelson Mandela was a politician, philanthropist and anti-apartheid revolutionary of South Africans. In his leadership Nelson, Mandela focused on putting an end the legacy apartheid. This was by dealing with the problem of poverty, inequality, racism and promoting racial reconciliation among people of South Africa. He became the president of African Nationally Congress party from 1991 to 1997 and politically he was a democratic socialist and an African nationalist. Nelson Mandela served as the Secretary General of the party called the Non-aligned movement for one year internationally.

Contributions of Nelson Mandela to his nation

Black and white people operated separately under a system called apartheid when Nelson Mandela was a young person. Apartheid is a situation whereby white people were in charge of the country. It was not acceptable for the blacks to use similar beaches, hospitals and also schools with the white people and also the blacks were declined from voting. Nelson Mandela accredited that everybody should be treated equally, and none should be denied his/her basic needs. Nelson Mandela led the protest against apartheid after he joined the African National Congress. He was distinguished by many for promoting equity and peace in South Africa. South Africa held elections in which both the white people and black were allowed to vote. By giving Mandela a white name; it reflected the white control of South Africa to which he would be very instrumental in fighting. In his early age, Nelson was introduced to Christian faith that he retained till his death. Mandela is a significant figure in the war against white oppression in South Africa. After graduating with a law degree, he joined the national African Congress party that established his base for the fight. Also, he served as South Africa’s prime minister for five years after his release from jail.

Death of Nelson Mandela

Mandela was first diagnosed and hospitalised with a recurring lung infection. But he was linked to several health problems greatly contributed by the conditions he was exposed to as he served his jail term on Robben Island. Mandela succumbed from respiratory infections that led to his death. Many South Africans rejoiced his death rather than mourning due to his fight against apartheid.

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Nelson Mandela

There are people born to fulfill their ideas and be happy with the family and end up traveling around the world dedicating their lives to reach the maximum level of personal satisfaction. Nelson Mandela definitely did not belong to their casta. He was the one who made the difference in the life of others, country and his nation.

Nelson Mandela was born in Transkei (South Africa), his father was the leader of the tribe. Mandela graduated from university and got a Law degree. In 1944, he joined the African National Congress (ANC) and worked actively to put an end to the policy of apartheid, conducted by the ruling National Party. Mandela believed that he fought against white and black supremacy. His ideal was a democratic and free society where all people lived together in harmony and with equal opportunities. He lived for the sake of these ides and was ready to die to embody them.

Mandela, sentenced to life imprisonment, was a striking symbol of resistance to movement of apartheid; he always refused to surrender their political views in exchange for freedom. Eventually, in February 1990 he was released from prison and was still fighting against oppression to achieve the goals that he and others had set themselves for almost four decades ago. May 1994, Mandela was inaugurated as the first black president of South Africa. He held this post for five years. During his presidency the country moved away from minority rule and apartheid, he earned the respect throughout the world for the work on conflict resolution both within the country and internationally.

Mandela spent one-third of his live as a state criminal in prison because of the political views, according to which the black population of South Africa should have the same rights as white population. However, 27 years of imprisonment did not break his spirit and did not stop him from implementing his views in life. Mandela's recognition started at the national level, he has been elected as president of South Africa, continued on the international level- the Nobel Peace Prize and ended on the global one - granting the status of World conciliator.

Nelson Mandela's philosophy can be expressed through the following words: if you talk to a man in a language he understands, you make him think. If you say to a person in his own language, you touch his heart. Nelson Mandela left a great political legacy and the country divided into supporters and opponents of his ideas.

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