Stuart Goldenberg Illustration Essay

Another Voice is an exhibition of illustration art produced by editorial artists on assignment throughout my eighteen-year career as art director for The Progressive magazine. The exhibition presents one-hundred and fifty works of art showcasing the art of fifty artists, an elite group of internationally-recognized illustrators. As a form of political expression — “another voice,” expressed in tandem with the text — the content and forthright power of the images often proved to be controversial. Acting from the principle of free speech and insisting on rising above mediocrity, I allowed artists nearly complete freedom for political expression through the art. This collection of art serves as ample evidence of that expression.

— Patrick JB Flynn, curator

List of Artists

Notes from the Curator

Steven Heller on Patrick Flynn
and the Progressive Magazine

Whitney Sherman on Illustration
and the “Another Voice” exhibit





Julian Allen(Victoria)(website)









Marshall Arisman(website)





















Melinda Beck(website)











Roxanna Bikadoroff(website)












Steve Brodner(website)









Philip Burke(email)










Larry Carroll (email)









Joseph Ciardiello(website)










Sue Coe (website)










Warrington Colescott(website)







Diana Craft(email)






Richard Downs (website)







Michael Duffy(website)







Carl Dunn(email)






Henrik Drescher(website)





Randall Enos(website)





Mark Fisher(website)





Chris Ferrantello(website)






Robert Gale(email)







Gale Geltner(email)







Stuart Goldenberg(email)







Brad Holland(website)






Hadley Hooper(website)







Jordin Isip(website)







Frances Jetter(website)






David Johnson(website)






J.D. King(website)





David Klein(website)





Stephen Kroninger(website)





Anita Kunz (website)






Peter Kuper(website)






Warren Linn(website)






David McLimans(website)






Chris Mullen (email)







Gary Panter (website)





Alain Pilon(website)






Ken Rinciari (website)






Jonathon Rosen(website)




Arnold Roth (website)






Sergio Ruzzier(website)






Lane Smith(website)





Ralph Steadman(website)






Katherine Streeter(website)





David Suter(website)




Mark Ulriksen(website)




Roxana Villa(website)





Mark Wagner(website)






Christopher Wilde(website)






Glenn Wolff

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