Essay On A Train Journey Where Everything Went Wrong

A Bad Journey

A Bad Journey :

“Travelling is a sort of educations among the younger people", said Bacon. Perhaps, he had a disappointing journey in his mind. For it gives more experience and enables to develop more courage. Hazlitt, in one of his essays, says that a journey becomes enjoyable if one hopes to get a good meal and a good rest after a tiring journey, and adds that traveling hopefully gives the maximum happiness perhaps he had no experience of a disappointing journey which is more instructive.

It was a day of disappointments. And being an optimist I did not attach much importance to bad omens. First of all the auto I hired to the railway station rattled noisily and emitted more smoke than an ordinary vehicle can. But I had limited time at my disposal, so I decided to travel by it.

After a short distance I was panting like an extremely tired person and came to a sudden stop. It was the first disappointment. Somehow I reached the station jumping into anther auto but I found a long queue at the ticket counter. There were only a few minutes for the train to leave, yet there was no hope of reaching the ticket window. This was the second disappointment. I decided to travel without ticket and pay the fare.

Boarding the train was itself an ordeal. Despite my healthy body I was sandwiched and my luggage was mercilessly trampled upon. Still I managed to wriggle into a corner. There I found some persons smoking cigarettes. And I could not rather stand that smell nor could I move an inch. I covered my nose with my handkerchief, but the bad smell was choking me.

As expected the ticket checker came and I willingly told him about my inability to buy the ticket. He looked him about my inability to buy the ticket. He looked at me with strange eyes and all passengers stared at me. The ticker checker was not going to allow me to travel but I protested and told him that if a passenger was prepared to pay the fine, he could be allowed to travel. After much discussion, I convinced him and heaved a sigh of relief.

As I reached my destination, I was thanking god. I was thinking that I would meet my uncle and aunt with a broad smile and their hospitality would make me forget the ordeals of the journey. I was dreaming of it, while the rickshaw-puller was pulling the vehicle in a half sleep manner. To my great disappointment, I found that my uncle and aunt had gone to Chennai for a month and the house was locked. This was the greatest disappointment. I did not have much money for return trip. I did not want to recall this disappointing journey further because that makes me extremely sad. That was A Bad Journey.

A Bad Journey

It was September 20th, 2012, and our school was going on a trip. We were going to an amusement park called Walibi. My best buddy Jake and I were super excited, because we really loved the roller coaster "Goliath". I woke up at 6 AM, and I already felt the excitement in my stomach. The bus would leave at 8 AM, so I quickly made myself a sandwich and ate it as quickly as I could. I took a shower and got dressed. I left for school, and Jake and I met at the bridge along the way. I waved at him, but he didn't wave back. I walked up to him, and when I came close, I saw he looked like shit.

"What's wrong, mate?" I asked him.

He said that he hadn't gotten much sleep, because he had had a horrible nightmare. I knew what he meant, because Jake had strange nightmares for over a year now. It's always the same: a man with scars all over his face stares at him from a distance with a freezing look. It just stands there.

"I figured it was pretty scary if a person stares at you the whole time you're sleeping. But this was different," he said. "He slowly walks in my direction, and when I try to walk away, I can't move. It's like I'm frozen or something."

I tried to cheer him up and he said, "Ah, fuck it! Let's go to Walibi!"

We sat in the bus for half an hour, and we were finally there! When we entered the park, we could hear the screams from the roller coasters. I was really excited, but I was worried about Jake. I knew he loved Walibi, but he seemed so quiet. He just walked, very slowly, without saying a word.

"Let's go to the Goliath!" I said with a big smile on my face, hoping that Jake would smile too. He didn't, though.

He just said, "Sure, but I got to take a piss first." I should have stopped him...

I waited for a while and figured he was taking a dump or something. I sent him a text saying, "I'm going for the first ride, see you there soon?" He didn't reply, so I just went to the Goliath. The waiting line wasn't very long, so I was already happy and excited!

After about 10 minutes, it was my turn. I checked my phone, and I saw that Jake had replied, "You will see me, soon enough..."

I got aboard and sat alone in a cart. The train went up and just before the drop, I felt a chill going through my spine. And we dropped! I felt the adrenaline through my blood. And I screamed at the top of my lungs, but not because of the excitement. I saw someone tied down on the rails. I recognized the coat and shoes; it was Jake! I will never forget the moment the train hit him. Blood all over the people in the train. Limbs flying everywhere. I cried and threw up.

The police came. I wanted to see my friend, but he was gone. Nothing left of him. I walked towards the bus and got in. I sat there, crying, and the bus driver looked over his shoulder. A man with scars all over his face. With ice cold eyes.

He grinned and said, "Was it soon enough?"

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