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IELTS Cue Card Sample 424 - A famous celebrity you admire

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IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a famous celebrity from your country who you admire.

You should say:

  • who the celebrity is
  • what kind of celebrity this person is
  • how famous he /she is

and explain why you admire this celebrity.

Sample Answer 1:
Thank you very much for this candidate task card. Honestly speaking, it was a bit tough for me to pick a celebrity to talk about  as there are many of them to choose from. Finally, I decided to talk about David Beckham, who is not only a celebrity in the UK but also in the whole world. Interestingly, he comes from the same city I live in, which is London.

David Beckham was born in Leytonstone, London in 1975. He now lived in London with his wife, Victoria Beckham, who is also a superstar, and with his four children. He is most widely known as a  great English footballer but he is also a model, spokesperson and a businessman. He played football for the England National team from 1996 to 2009 and also for the famous football clubs like the Manchester United and Real Madrid. As a professional football player, he became an icon around the world and probably one of the most esteemed celebrity alive. He is a legendary footballer who had a unique style in his bending free-kicks as a right winger. In 2004, David Beckham was listed in the FIFA's 100 greatest living player in the world. He was twice the runner-up for 'FIFA World Player of the Year'. These statistics are only a few to signify how famous he really is. He was one of the highest earners as a footballer in his time and in 2013, he was the highest paid player in the world.

As a fan of the UK football team, I have  always liked David Beckham. He is quite an extraordinary player and a fashion figure. In my early college days, he was the footballer I wanted to be! Besides, he is a fashion icon and young generation loves his unique style very much.

My respect for him increased, even more, when he announced the "7: The David Beckham UNICEF Fund" to help protect children around the world. He has been a UNICEF ambassador and his recent philanthropic works are quite exceptional and for that, I admire him greatly.

He is a great person, legendary footballer, a successful husband, a doting father, a fashion icon and finally one of the most revered celebrities not only in the UK but also in the whole world. I guess anyone knows  him would admire him.


Sample Answer 2:
I love to collect celebrity autographs and this is a hobby for me. I have visited in different parts of the world and have gathered autographs of the celebrities I have met. Now, I will discuss the celebrity from my country, Australia, I admire the most.

Nicole Mary Kidman, better known as Nicole Kidman is an Australian celebrity. She is also a movie producer and been working with this arena since the 1980s. She got the breakthrough in a 1989 movie but she got global fame for her role in the movie – Days of Thunder. It was made and released in 1990. After the movie, she started moving ahead and had not to look back. Her struggles to become a celebrity was over and she became so. She has been awarded numerous prestigious awards and positive criticisms for her outstanding performance in the movies. Most of the cases, she won the awards for the Best Actress or the Best Leading Role.

Nicole Kidman is a movie star and filmmaker. She has participated in a wide number of movies and also worked behind the screen as well. She started her career in 1983 and gained the world fame in 1995. She had to struggle in this time to create a platform for her own. She has performed in almost all types of movie genres but she is a better match for romantic and drama movies than the thriller, I think, as I found her performance in those genres far better attractive than her other movie genres. She is also playing some other social roles as well. Now she is involved with the UNICEF as a Goodwill Ambassador. Since her reputation soared, once she turned into the highest paid actress in the country. Besides, she also owns dual citizenship status, one for Australia while the other one is in the USA. And it happens as she was born from the Australian parents in Hawaii.    

After the initiation of her career, her road to success was not smooth. She had to be patient and continue her performance. With the gradual development, she became the leading actress in the country. Besides, she also has a passion for songs and she sings solo. However, some of her movies were under the scanner and some gave birth to controversy. She kissed a 10-year old boy on the movie Birth which was made in 2004. Later she resolved the issue and described that it was done to represent love, not for other purposes. She achieved Golden Globe Awards, Grammy Awards, Primetime Emmy Awards, nominations for Academy Awards among others. Further, she has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. She was on the top of her success till 2009 and after that year she became more attentive on her career than before. She is now passing hefty moments with some drama movies and biopics.

There a good number of reasons to admire this celebrity. In fact, she is not a celebrity to me, she is a very amiable lady with her kindness and love to her audiences. She rose to the peak of success but she never forgets her audiences. I had a chance to meet her in person at a social occasion. I have taken a couple of pictures with her and also collected her autograph. In the meeting, I observed that she is really a wonderful lady in all terms. She is able to make people feel comfortable in her company. Besides, she never hesitates to meet requests from her admirers which is not present among the other celebrities. She is a lovely celebrity leading a decent life. For all such reasons, I admire her most.


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People 1: A famous person

Describe someone who is famous in your country (Or describe a famous person who you admire)

You should say:

Who the person is

Why he/she is famous

Why you admire this person

What you would do if you met this person

Sau đây là một số gợi ý để bạn trả lời:

Bạn nên chọn 1 ngôi sao nổi tiếng hơn 1 lĩnh vực, ví dụ như vừa là ngôi sao nhạc pop hoặc diễn viên.


Từ vựng bạn có thể dùng

A big name megastar                     celebrity                              renowned           well-known  

Legendary                                           admirer                                fan


Grammar point

  • Sử dụng thì hiện tại đơn. Tuy nhiên bạn có thể dùng cấu trúc “used to” để miêu tả thói quen trong quá khứ: She used to be a TV show host.
  • Sử dụng thời hoàn thành:

I’ve been an admired of her for many years.

  • Sử dụng cấu trúc “would/could/might”

If I met her I would like to have dinner with her.


Các bạn có thể tham khảo những bài viết mẫu sau nhé!


Model 1

The celebrity whom I would like to meet in person is definitely David Bekham. David was a professional English footballer who played for the world’s most renowned football clubs such as Manchester United and Real Madrid. He was named in the list of 100 greatest living football players of FIFA back in 2004.

Besides his career as a sportsman, David is also famous for his marriage to Victoria Beckham, an equally successful model, singer and fashion designer, with four children. This has been considered one of the happiest celebrity marriages and partnerships.

David Beckham is my biggest idol not only because of his legendary football skills but also because he is very modest and kind as a person. He was seen offering a hand to a photographer who fell while trying to photograph him. Also, according to his wife, David Beckham is a devoted husband and father who always puts his family first.

If I ever had a chance, I would take David Beckham to my favorite restaurants in Hanoi and introduce Vietnamese food to him. Of course I would take pictures with him too, to post on my facebook wall but the most important thing would be for me to talk with him, learn from him and be inspired by this man.


Model 2

I'm going to talk about my father because he has been a major influence in my life.

My father was always a good role model for me as I was growing up. He's hard-working, patient and understanding; he's also got a goodsense of humour and seems to get on well with everybody. Hopefully I've inherited some of these traits.

I admire my father because I think he brought me and my brothers/sisters up well; he was quite strict but always fair, and he has always been someone I can turn to for advice. I think my father set a good example by working hard and having a positive outlook on life. I remember that he used to leave for work early and come home quite late, but he always made time for me and my brothers/sisters.




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